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1, Aug 22, 2008

Key to Effective Parenting –Good Relationship with the Children

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During the last two postings, I have presented myself as an ineffective parent-teacher because I do not “look the part, sound the part, and act the part” of a teacher. When I look back, the only mechanism that I can rely on in parenting my children is a good relationship with them. When they care and love their mom, they want to make mom happy and know what to do to have it happen.

Last evening, while we were on the way to tennis court I was lost in thought. My daughter noticed my locked brow, asking “Why are you not happy? Why are you frowning? You will get wrinkle if you frown like that.” I said I was not unhappy. I was just thinking about her homework that she had trouble with. I told her, “I will be happy and have less to worry about if you can take good care of yourself.” What followed was her promise to behave and make me happy.

I really do not have any magic in regulating their behavior. Good relationship is my key.

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