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1, Aug 1, 2008

Growing up with my son by Yang Wen

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I was reading a book by Yang Wen, Growing up with my son.  The book is a loving memory of a mother who has been successful in bringing up an excellent son.  The book is very dear to the author as it traces back to the time before the birth of her son to the point he grows up.  I can understand the pride, nostalgia, and the altogether joy and happiness that a mother feels about a far-away grownup child.  I find it so tempting for a mom like her to indulge in such a recollection.

In essence, the book is the celebration and appreciation of a mother’s experience of caring and raising her child, sparkled with wisdom that she garnered in the process.  Her child has filled her life with so much fun, rewards, and happiness.  Yet, how many parents have enjoyed and benefited from the gift of their children to the extent that Yang Wen has?  By the way, from his book, I believe Gao Yanding has been more than benefited from his daughter.  Hurrah for Yang Wen!  Good job for Gao Yanding!

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