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1, Aug 6, 2008

Don’t be a PPP — Party Pooper Parent

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Everyday I come back home from office, mentally drained and physically worn out after battling with the full spectra of beings, ready for a good long over-due nap. “Hi, mom. Hug,” a sweet, youthful voice and a big daughterly hug with lovely smile from my daughter quickly refresh me and wipe out any unpleasantness that I might have during the day.  It is like a joy-conveying angel befalling in my life.

I have a thousand and one questions for my daughter, such as “Did you make good use of your time today?” “Did you do your homework?”  “Did you practice piano?” “Did you spend too much time on the Internet?” “Did you do your daily math?” “Did you remember to put value into your time?” etc. But I know better than being a wet blanket over the heavenly joy that she brings at the moment.

My sister told me she felt awful when she saw her child wasting time.  I feel the same way. Yet, if the child is not mature enough to appreciate the value of time, let it be. Choose a proper moment to work on the child’s maturity and other issues. I try not to bring up unpleasant topics while the child is in a pleasant hugging mood.

For me, I will continue enjoying the presence of my child while she is around me, even if she is not as mature as I expect at the moment.  Allow myself to be lifted by her high spirit. For I know my daughter dislikes PPP. And most important of all, this angelic joy won’t be here forever.

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