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1, Aug 27, 2008

Chicken Parents, Shameful or Not?

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There are something much more than being shameful chicken parents. When people say I am a chicken parent, I do not know what to say. Because I realize it is not proper to be defensive when you are criticized. According to my daughter, I cannot take criticism well.  I would say I have choices. If I choose to confront other adults, fight will surely follow, which means no peace for my children. I do not want to see this happens.  If I choose not to say anything, I victimize myself for the sake of my children. If neither of the above, … You can see we adults have to consider so many IFs. It is both difficult and sheer ugly to be adults. Below is what I just write on this.

           The words of your child
Listen to their words, the holders of truth.
No polish and gloss, no grace and elegancy.
No use of language for coverup.

Remember The Emperor’s New Clothes?
A little child bursts out,
— “But the emperor has no clothes,”
When all the trusted office-holders see the clothes.
Shame on them!

Adults have too much to look out,
In the name of being cautious and prudent.
Or words should be said but not,  for the peace of all.
Careful and judicious, for politcal correctness,
Truth being reserved and un-truth/less-than-true uttered.
Dear so-called respectful parents,
— Is this also untrue from the month of an adult?

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  1. I think that’s the culture. Don’t think that’s hypocrit. That will make you unhappy each day. I will just try to give back my beautiful smile and don’t think one step more like hostility etc. And do whatever I plan to do and care whatever I need to care. Try not care too much about what others look at you. By the way, I like your blog very much.

    Comment by little_ant — 1, Aug 27, 2008 @ 2:08 pm

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