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1, Aug 3, 2008

Be it Black or white, it is a good cat if it can catch rats

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With children, you have to be flexible and employ whatever mechanism that works.  In his elementary years, my son used to be very adamant in staying within his comfort zone. It would not work if you told him to study well so that he would find a good job. He was happy with working at Pizza Hut where he believed he could eat pizza to his heart’s content.  He will be embarrassed if he reads this now.

For some times, the only thing that motivated him to get good grades was to make mom happy. Anything lofty than this was beyond his comprehension.  Luckily, he did care to make mom happy and brough home good grade cards.

Then, gradually as he read and learned more and became mature, he gained a better understanding of what he wanted to get out of his life. He flung himself into the process, putting in as much hard work as needed, happily.  By the time he reached high school, because of his decent grades, he could easily associate himself with people like him.  They motivated each other for the shared goal — being high achievers.

I am so glad something worked at that time. Sometimes, I wonder if he would turn out to be the same if nothing motivated him at all during early school years. Perhaps, without his knowing it and within his comfort zone, he formed a good study habit in the process of pleasing his mom.

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