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1, Jul 23, 2008

The Youth, the Privilege, the Luxury, and the Challenge

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A few weeks ago, while my daughter was reading at Border’s, I was reading a book called The Privilege of Youth: A Teenager’s Story By Dave Pelzer. Just from the title and a picture of a teenager on the cover, I expected it to be about the privilege of a youth, like how lucky they are to have the whole world open to them, to learn and to explore, still carefree, reaching to a higher order of thinking in this period.  It turns out to be a rather sad story, well, sad to me at least.  In fact, so sad that I was on the verge of shedding precious tears.  Probably I have thought or rather imagined too much.

The author used to be a small boy, “always felt unworthy, an unwanted outsider. For the life of me, I could not do anything that was remotely acceptable for my mother … With every day, all I wanted, all I craved, was to simply belong. … It took 12 years, but I was finally liberated. I was placed into fostered care. Finally I was no longer an animal existing in a darkened basement/garage, but a real person.” p 15

For him, home with his parents was the last place he would stay. No word can describe the depth of tragedy of any child having such a childhood!  It is outrageously unfair to the child and a total shame to the irresponsible, unfit parents.

The message that I get from this book is we adults are so crucial in making sure that the child enjoys the privilege, the luxury, and the challenge of the youth. If we do not behave, we could make their lives a true hell on earth.

Upon sharing this with my daughter, she thinks it so irrelevant to her life.  With too much privilege and luxury in her life, I was hoping she should at least learn to appreciate what life would be without them.

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