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1, Jul 29, 2008

Success mean being the best you, by Kaifu Lee 2

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Success mean being the best you.  Everybody can achieve success by going beyond him/herself.

The author sketches the quality of success in the image of a circle.  The circle consists of three levels — value, attitude and action. The innermost level is core value, which is the foundation and the prerequisite of all.  Around this core heart is the middle level, which is made of six attitudes — active, sympathy, self-confidence, self-reflection, courage, and high aspiration (jiji, tong li xin, zixin, zisheng, yongqi, xiong huai).

The outermost level is actions. Equipped with the right value system and attitudes, you demonstrate the six aspects of behavior: pursuit of ideals, finding your interests, effective implementation, study hard,  interaction with others, cooperation and teamwork.  More on this later.

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