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1, Jul 27, 2008

Success is a quality, by Kaifu Lee

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To my son,
Yesterday I went to a friend’s house and borrowed a book from her. I wish you could read this book, titled Be the Best You  by Kaifu Lee.  I like his understanding of the concept of success.

Most people define success in terms of the amount of money you make, the material comfort level you enjoy, social position you occupy, etc.  Specifically, a successful person is very rich, living in a huge mansion, driving a luxury car, is your own boss or in the position to manage others.

According to the author, this understanding of success is very wrong.  What is wrong with this? From my understanding of the reading, it is wrong because you succumb yourself to the eyes and the judgments of the popular minds, without ever realizing your value and developing your potential.  The real sad part is you waste your dearest life trying to passively meet other people’s definition of success by amassing wealth and power, in the process of which you lose yourself and become a total loser.

You are a success if you have not wasted your life.”  Everybody can be successful in his/her own way. Follow your own route to success. A successful person constantly goes beyond himself.  Success is a quality that can accompany you and benefit you all the way throughout your life’s journey. I will dwell more on this quality tomorrow.

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