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1, Jul 1, 2008

Respect each of the hard workers

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“Just one thing about your write on 6/28: ‘I would save my children’s face by not working in a Chinese restaurant.’ Need to throw a brick on this point. What I think is that if the mom is a hard worker in Chinese restaurant and always try to do things better. The children should be proud of her. You know people are different. Some people can not do the professional things as some others. Need to tell children to respect each hard workers instead of only the 体面 (decent-looking) professional workers…”

The above was emailed to me from a friend of mine.  I think she raised a very good point and should be shared here.  I shared it with my daughter on the way to Border’s today.  Indeed, we should not only respect each human being but also show respect to the choice that people make.

To my children, life can be seen as a matter of choices.  Just as ten fingers are of different length, so are people in their choices regarding jobs and education, etc.  Respect and recognize all who make honest efforts in their own way.

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