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1, Jul 9, 2008

Reading nonsense to your baby

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During last few weeks I took out plenty of books from my children’s rooms, some in Chinese and some in English.  They have long outgrown these books, as my son put it, “I am not easily entertained now.”  I gave away three boxes of English books to a charity place, not in great shape after them, still readable though.  Last weekend I gave some of the Chinese books to a friend of mine.  This is what I shared with her about reading at an early age.

I started reading to their attentive ears when both of my children were a few months old.  Some people would challenge me, “Did your kids understand what you were saying?”  You would miss my point if you still do not get the answer after reading my posting.

The main purpose of your reading to baby is to grab baby’s attention, to cultivate an interest in books.  The way you read to her is to have her see the pictures, the color, the shapes on the book, talking nonsense while pointing to this or that pictures.  Gradually, they will imitate you, I mean literally, talking nonsense with their fingers on the book.

My daughter could retain nearly 100 percent of what was read to her, so amazing that she took books to her daycare in Falls Church, Virginia and started reading to other children of her age.  The children sat by her, listening so attentively that some would not go home when their parents came.  One mom stood there, listening and watching, then she asked me, “Can she read?”  I said, “No, she just read out of her memory.”  “She certainly acts like she is reading.”  She was about two and a half years old then when most of her peers brought toys and she brought books with her.  Both of my children have grown into avid readers.  As long as they have books in hands, they seem to have invisible companies, never feeling lonely or bored.

The only drawback about reading is they all end up wearing glasses at an early age and then contact lens, which is a constant draining from my purse.  It is not funny at all when you have to pay for new glasses every year.

4/7/2009, now I believe more than ever the benefit of reading or forming the love of reading after the stay of the 10-year-old nephew at our house. Read to them and teach them how to read as early as possible. It is so much fun.

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  1. Enjoy reading your writings each day. Absolutly behind two great kids, there is always a great mom (or a great dad, or both) there. Need to work hard on reading books to my kids. For our 7 years old, seems like it’s already late, but we still have chance for our 2 years old although it is late too.

    Comment by another_mom_with_2 — 1, Jul 10, 2008 @ 11:40 am

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