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1, Jul 14, 2008

“Mom drink milk and grow taller”

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My son revised my word and used it on me when I told him, “Baby drinks milk and grow taller.”  When I told him to eat more meat so that he would have more meat in him, he said “Baby eat more vegie, baby have more vegie in baby.”

Things got serious when he imitated me so closely. Once I was driving with him sitting in the back. A car suddently cut in front of me, forcing me to hit brake suddently.  Needless to say, that driver deserved a sound lashing. So I did.  Before I finished my profuse cursing, I heard a tender, childish voice behind me uttering exact the same words.

It was at that time that I realized I needed to bleach my mouth really hard in front of this little mimic.  Like it or not, parents are said to be the first all-time teacher of their children.  The desire to bring up a good decent person forced me to be that person first.  So that is what I have become, for the sake of my children.  That is why I say in the process of their growing up experience they have changed me as much as I have changed them.

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  1. Agree! I always believe that kids are influenced by what they consistantly sees and hears. They changed me too… and i know my patience is challenged each day.

    Comment by another_mom_with_2 — 1, Jul 15, 2008 @ 11:07 am

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