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1, Jul 3, 2008

Christmas gifts — Absolutely no

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Yes, it is true I don’t give Christmas gifts to my children.  What a bad mom!  Yes, I know how bad I am, hopelessly and honestly bad.  We often spent time at Border’s or doing something else when other people were busy holiday shopping.

First, I don’t want to give the children the illusion that Santa Claus has a fathomless well of free money to give away.  I told them, “See the Christmas shopping spree. It is not Santa but the parents who buy and give toys.”  Plus, my children are too critical to accept the idea that an overweight Santa can squeeze through that slender chimney.

Second, they were surrounded with mountains of toys and never felt the need for it at all. They did not appreciate an over-supply.  Why wasted money?  My son never felt deprived when he saw one of his American friend’s room was tightly jammed with toys.  I have kept drilling into their heads this idea — “Count your blessings not your presents.” My daughter has learned from very young that Christmas is the season of giving not receiving.  Until now she never passes a Salvation Army bell without giving something.

By the way, if I ever bought toys for them, on most occasions, I waited till they were on sale, or even better, during clearance season, which, too bad, was during not Christmas time. 

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