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1, Jul 16, 2008

Beautiful Piano Lessons turned to be Lifelong Nightmare

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This was accomplished by the piano teacher that my children had when they were young.  The supposedly beautiful experience with music turned out to be anything but beauty. 

Originally I sent my 5-year-old to piano lesson with the sole purpose of cultivating a love for music.  To be sure, she was not a good student but that was okay to me and she did learn and enjoy the piece once she could play it. 

I have been very careful communicating with my children, trying to set a good example.  Who could have thought that all these efforts were nullified by their piano teacher, who exercised absolute no self-discipline when it came to releasing her anger or frustration. Banging and shouting at the top of her lungs simply pervaded the whole lesson and took the place of actual teaching and learning.  My heart ached when I was going through the class with them.  About two years ago, I could not tolerate it any more and took her out of her class.

When thinking back, I regret tremendously of ever sending my children to that teacher.  For years that followed the end of it, the mention of piano has brought back nothing but nightmare and unspeakable hatred of piano and music.  So much for the love of it.

I deeply regret it because the whole experience ran against my belief in raising children.  We do not simply teach but shape and influence their lives.  I would rather give them a happy childhood than having them learn something while tormenting their tender hearts, leaving irreparable psychological scar. They can always learn some skills if they have not done so at young age, yet an unhappy childhood can haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Music, piano, nightmare, much as I have tried, I found nothing amusing today. Just want to get it out of my chest for now.

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