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1, Jul 30, 2008

Abusing Parent and Abusing Children; East Wind and West Wind

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A Chinese saying goes “If the east wind does not prevail over the west wind, the west wind will dominate over the east one.” This is true regarding relationships among countries. Also does it hold good regarding relationship between parents and the children.

A friend of mine put it in a more straightforward manner, “Where there is no abusing parent, there is abusing child.”  As I observe the parent-children relationships in many families, it is in reality not far from the truth.  Children out of temper have the capacity of throwing their parents totally helpless.

When my little one throws temper at me and I feel helpless, I tell her, “It is not fair to abuse your old mom. Don’t bite the hands that feed you.”  I was hoping of appealing to her reason and sympathy by reminding her of her abusing position. Children are so wonderfully kind that I always get what I hope for in situation like this.

Of course, when the east wind relents, the west wind won’t dominate in my case.

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