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1, Jul 11, 2008

A Wonderful Dad Got Up at 4 Every Morning for his Children

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21 years ago, my father left us on July 11. He would be 79 years old if he were still here with us. Too soon, too early that he went.

An old colleague of mine talked to me about how important he felt toward his family now.  Nothing seems more important than his family with the two wonderful children.  We used to work at the same company (PHI) eight years ago.  This is the first time that we met after 8 years.

In order to spend more time with his children, he gets up at 4 AM every morning, heading for his office as soon as possible, so that he can leave for home at 2 PM and be with his children.  His face exuded joy and unspeakable happiness when he talked about his son, and with such a loving smile when he talked about his daughter. He talked with enthusiasms about saving for his children’s college cost. I love my children, but I have not gone this far for them. Shame on me.

In sharp contrast, some of the parents that I know of worked until after 10 PM, leaving their young child home alone. Later, the guilt-ridden parents tried to make up for it by providing plenty of money, satisfying the needs of the child. Now the child has graduated from a local university, feeling completely alienated from the aging parents. The parents are reasonably and hopelessly sad.  “Such an ungrateful child,” they complained. When the mom was sick and needed help because of her poor English, the child told her, “Go back to China.”  Some people gained money but lost child. 

The world would be a different place for children if we have more dads like that old colleague of mine. What a sweet dad!

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